September 18, 2013


The theme I have selected only allows me to insert a very small banner which unfortunately doesn't work well with the rest of my blog. I have work with the options available within the blog theme to create a banner that works, and also made one using Adobe Photoshop to demonstrate my desired blog banner:

This banner represents my professional profile and the overall tone I want people viewing my blog to pick up on. It is professional, simple and unique.
  • Professional: I continued with my chosen colour palette of white, black and grey, for the writing and images, and my chosen font of Times New Roman. These design elements were selected to create a professional and refined image. The banner is the first part of my blog that viewers will see, so it is important the banner aligns perfectly with this image.
  • Simple: My blog uses uses white space as a key design element and this extends to the banner. There is no background colour, and the images and text I have used have plenty of space between them to avoid cluttering the top of my blog.
  • Unique: This banner speaks volumes about who I am. It is professional, like me, but it has personality. I want to be a music journalist, so I have included three photos of musicians that represent my taste in music. I've used bands that most people will know - The Arctic Monkeys, Babyshambles and Passion Pit  - but that also represent the more 'independent' side of the music industry, where my interest lies.
This banner is professional and streamlined, but it isn't boring. Ultimately, this is the goal I have had from the beginning for the layout of my blog and I'm pleased to have come up with a visual representation of who I am and where I want to go.