August 12, 2013


Meet me:

This is the image I have selected for the 'about me' page of my blog. It was previously used in a post and on the 'about me' page of my music/fashion/lifestyle blog and it is just as appropriate for this more 'professional' blog. Although this image doesn't contain any obvious references to my love of music, it does communicate a lot about who I am as a person.

I considered assembling a bunch of my favourite records and albums (similar to the image in my first post) but on a practical level - based on the career path I hope to pursue - I decided that it may be more beneficial to use a photo that actually contained me. Music journalism involves interviewing - possibly on camera - and being 'out and about' at events. I'm certainly under no illusions about my level of attractiveness but I think in an industry that isn't totally behind-closed-doors, potential employers are keen to see what potential employees look like. 

I also could have rocked one of my band shirts in the photo but, honestly, that just felt a little cliche, so I opted for an image of me in one of the outfits that makes me look and feel most creative. I'm also interested in other areas of arts journalism, so a photo that isn't too specialised will appeal to a wider number of potential employers. 

The photograph is well spaced, utilising the 'rule-of-thirds' and uncluttered. The lighting is also good, and it is in focus. In short, it looks fairly professional. 

My biography is relevant to my target audience and a little more specialised towards music journalism specifically than my photo. It begins by explaining my passion for music and experience so far in the music industry, before elaborating onto what it is about the industry that attracts me, and the areas of it that most intrigue me. It is important to add this extra information because music journalism is so competitive, and it extremely important to make yourself stand out.

I've also spoken about what I'm studying and why, so potential employers will know I'm equipping myself with all the necessary skills for the industry, and I've expressed my interest in internships and further experience because, well, I want my target audience to know that I'm keen!

I've also mentioned my upcoming exchange and plans to move further down the track so that employers are aware of my plans and aspirations. 


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