August 29, 2013


Colour is not only an important tool for creating visual appeal and attracting attention; it is also used to communicate a message and build a mood and style. This sentence seems to be becoming very repetitive on my blog, but I'll say it again: I prefer a sleek, classic and uncomplicated look and feel. This is what represents me, and the image I'm trying to create of myself. Thus, I've chosen a pretty simple colour palette of black, white and grey. I've mentioned the influence Russh magazine and Oyster magazine has on my favoured aesthetic before, and this extends to colour. These publications tend to use simple black and white palettes.


I've used  'colour symbolism' information to research what feelings and meanings these colours 'evoke', several of which align with the message I want to send to my audience about who I am:
  • Black: sophistication, power, formality, elegance, depth, style, authority
  • White: simplicity, cleanliness, precision, freshness
  • Grey: reliability, intelligence


Black and white is, unsurprisingly, an extremely popular colour combination choice for websites because it's so elegant and versatile. I've decided to add grey to the combination to add a bit more interest. This black/white/grey combination is quite popular as well in web design because it's clean and subtle. This minimalist approach is also good because too many colours can be overwhelming and distract from the actual content - which is what I want my audience to really focus on. 


Not using bright colours also means that the colour photos I use will stand out. As I am aspiring to be an arts journalist, the images I choose to feature are especially important: because it's quite a visual sector of journalism, they'll be communicating quite a bit about who I am and the direction I want to take my career. They need to stand out!


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