August 20, 2013


The overall message I want a future employer to take from my blog is essentially that I would be a good investment as an employee. The most important points to get across can be narrowed down to:
  • Possessing strong journalistic writing skills
  • Having a thorough understanding of social media (I have links to my social media profiles on the sidebar of my blog) 
  • Having a strong knowledge of the music industry
  • Being intelligent in a more general way (i.e. good spelling and grammar skills and knowing what's going on in the world around me)
  • Having a near obsession with the music industry and a passion for all areas of the arts
Essentially, I want to be viewed as the ideal candidate for a job in music journalism.

Currently, I have two pages on my blog: a 'home' page containing all my posts, and an 'about me' page with a photo and summary of who I am and where I want to go.

In terms of adding 'layered' elements to help with 'selling' myself, a page outlining my experience (a resume of sorts) may be beneficial. Although I talk a bit about what I've done in my 'about me' page, having a section dedicated to this will make it easier for potential employers to clearly see the experience I have and skills I possess.

In a similar vein to the above page, a 'published work' page is also a good idea. I am proud of my work for The Dwarf, and providing links to the best examples of my work will help potential employers see what I'm made of. I have also written some posts on my day-to-day blog that I believe are 'link-worthy' and the work experience I have done for Netball Queensland, while not directly related to my music ambitions, is another good example of my work.

Currently in my sidebar, I have a list of 'daily reads', but this area of my blog is starting to get a little cluttered, so it may be a better idea to move this to a separate space. Although it isn't a demonstration of my own work, this page is important because it communicates to employers the publications - and the writing - that I admire, giving an indication of the kind of writing I'm interesting in pursuing. Moving it to another page also means I can put more thought into structuring it, and there are less limitations on the number of links I can include.


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