August 27, 2013


The fonts I have chosen for my blog are Georgia and Times New Roman. Georgia is one of my personal favourite fonts, but it's also a strategic choice using it for my blog, and I have added Times New Roman for a small amount of contrast.

Georgia was designed for maximum clarity on a screen - perfect for a purely online medium such as a blog which may be viewed on a computer monitor, mobile phone or tablet. Microsoft claims that Georgia "exudes a sense of friendliness; a feeling of intimacy," which also suits the blogging medium, as it is quite personal. I want to connect with my audience, and if a font can make that easier, well, all the better.

Georgia is a serif font, so it works well for continuous prose such as these posts. I've decided to stick with Georgia for most of my blog - the headings, sub-headings, etc. - simply to avoid clutter and confusion for my audience and maintain the clean aesthetic of my blog.

Essentially, I've kept it all fairly basic and straightforward, using black-on-white text and sentence case for maximum legibility. Perhaps the fanciest thing I've done is play around a bit with the font and use lowercase/uppercase letters for my blog title/post titles. Jennifer Farley notes that Georgia and Times New Roman are very similar, so it can be a little jarring to have them together as it might create discordance for the audience. However, she concedes that for headings this isn't too much of a problem. Thus, I've chosen to risk it by using these two fonts together, but I've also made the blog title and posts titles all in italic to add a tad more contrast. Using italics and lowercase for the blog title also makes it stand out and provides some interest, and the uppercase post titles serve the same purpose, and signals to the reader that it is a new post.
I've also aligned the text to make sure the blog is clean and 'held together'.


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